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Hodnocení Restaurace Spice India

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  • Jídlo: 3
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I am an Indian person, haven't had Biriyani for more than 10 years and after I came to know about this restaurant and read the positive reviews, I decided to go there with my children on 2nd Nov, 2017. What they call Chicken tikka biriyani which costs 199 CZK, is just spicy red color rice with Cheackpeas (!!!) and few pieces of red and dry boneless chicken, topped with three slices of cucumber and a lemon wedge. The minimum requirement of biriyani is that all the ingredients must be slow cooked over low flame for long time with lots of aromatic spices, so that the unique flavor is homogeneous. What they call as biriyani and charging 199 CZK is a RIP-OFF. Any person who have had original biriyani would know it. In addition, an employee of the restaurant openly admits that its no where near a biriyani and its a European version of biriyani. My children had "Chicken Madras with rice". It contained some basmati rice, a red spicy liquid with few pieces of boneless chicken and some not freshly prepared salad. The waiters were kind enough to attend us with curtsy, they brought us 4 pieces of freshly baked papad with some chutney (complimentary), a bowl of lentil soup (complimentary). I asked for drinking water and they brought me bottled water which costs 25 CZK (only one glass). When I asked for tap water, they said they are unsure about the quality of tap water. Which is funny because in Prague, like in rest of Europe, tap water is absolutely safe to drink. This was another RIP-OFF. In summary, I would never visit this restaurant again and would not recommend it to anyone who is sensible about their hard earned money.

  • Celkem:
  • Jídlo: 5
  • Personál: 5
  • Prostředí: 5

Lovely Indian-Bangladeshi place in the iively heart of lower Žižkov. The staff is friendly and helpful, the meals are rich in both flavor and size, the style of the place makes it feel cozy.

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