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Information Restaurant Sabaidy

Family restaurant Sabaidy is right on target for lovers of exotic cuisine. Here you will taste real Thai and Laotian cuisine which is world renowned for its spiciness and delicious taste. Look forward to traditional dishes served in an authentic environment.

Sabaidy is housed in the Hotel Amphone a few minutes walk from the historic centre of Brno. You can expect a taste of Asia with all the trimmings. The restaurant is decorated in traditional Lao style and the staff who will take care of you as one of their own are also from Laos.

The menu offers a wide selection of Laotian and Thai dishes full of different kinds of spices and herbs and as with most Asian restaurant vegetarians will appreciate the choice of dishes. At restaurant Sabaidy as all meals are freshly prepared they will be happy to make the dish to your exact requirement - not hot at all, slightly spicy or hot. All meals are prepared by Lao chefs trained in Thailand and Laos. They care about the authenticity and freshness of the ingredients.

Diners at restaurant Sabaidy will enjoy a simple cozy interior with exotic accessories and a nice aquarium. In summer months you can sit outside in their  pleasant garden with a barbecue.

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Za pozitivum považujeme milou obsluhu a polohu v centru Brna. Výborné byly předkrmy i nápoje. Prostředí je poněkud omšelé, chtělo by to alespoň drobné opravy omítek ap., a přeplácané věcmi, které s danou tematikou restaurace nesouvisí. Hlavní jídlo bohužel příliš neoslnilo. Bylo chutné, ale nebylo ani trochu nadprůměrné. Pečená rýže byla klasickým "českým" rizotem v pravém slova smyslu. Na přátelské posezení fajn, ale určitě nad předkrmy.

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