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Information Ristorante Pagana

Family Restaurant Pagana is a charming Sicilian kingdom with delicious Italian cuisine and a friendly atmosphere just a few minutes from Wenceslas Square. Speciality of the house is flamed spaghetti prepared in a hollowed-out round of Parmesan cheese.

Traditional Italian starters and soups, fresh fish, salads, risottos, meat specialities, desserts and perfect pasta, with  people coming here from as far as Nusle, Karlin, Průhonice and Žižkov. In short, one of the best in Prague.

Pagana offers Italy with all the trimmings. In the kitchen the most important elements are their traditional Italian recipes always made using fresh ingredients and in the air you can feel the famous Italian hospitality. The staff will take care of you as one of their own.

The interior is full of artistic artefacts. The walls are decorated with oil canvases painted by the owner of the restaurant and you’ll find antique statues and pillars, candle chandeliers and white curtains.

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