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Information Pizzerie Al Mulino

Al Mulino is a popular restaurant in Prague serving simple Italian cuisine and set in the beautiful surroundings of a former mill. Waiting for you is a pleasant outdoor seating area at the dam of Počernický pond, a walk in the castle park and a water sprite called Česílko (for Czechs, a well known fairy-tale figure).

Including first-class Italian pizza, homemade pasta and fresh fish that you can take directly from hatcheries inside the restaurant, Al Mulino has developed an imaginative menu filled with high quality ingredients. The staff are kind and helpful. Perhaps you‘ll get a chance to talk with the owner who is very often to be found in the restaurant making sure the high standard is being maintained.

The impressive spaces of the old mill combine to offer an exceptional interconnection of Czech tradition, millers crafts and modern Italian gastronomy. A pleasant rustic interior is tuned to the 19th Century. Your children can take a trip to Al Mulino and enter into a world of fairy tales.

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