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Information Restaurant Pepenero Pizza & Pasta

Pepenero is an Italian port in the heart of Prague serving an amazing Mediterranean cuisine in a friendly atmosphere. The local pizza created in Neopolitan style does not have any competition. Even Riccardo Lucque, the famous Italian chef and owner of several renowned restaurants, fell in love with it.

Pepenero Restaurant is located just a few steps from Old Town Square, but in spite of that you will feel as though you have walked into a trattoria in the heart of Sicily. It’s known as a popular retreat for Italians living in Prague and the perfect place to practice your Italian.

Pepenero is frequented by people who go for the best Neopolitan style pizza in Prague. It is prepared according to the recipe of one of the oldest masters, Pizzaro. In addition to classic specialities such as Margherita or Capricciosa you can taste, for example, the Bufalino with buffalo mozzarella.  And for a special occasion they will prepare for you a one metre diameter pizza.

But Pepenero is not just about pizza. Look forward to the renowned fresh pasta, fish and meat specialities, traditional soups and desserts as well as imaginative salads . Thanks to the skilled chefs from Eastern Italian region of Puglia you will discover lots of new flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean.

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