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Terms and conditions

Introductory information

Carefully read the following general terms and conditions (the "Terms & Conditions") for registration on the website or app ("") and for making table reservations in restaurants ("reservation" or "reservation service"). By registering or making a reservation or by other acts noted below you confirm that you have read these Terms & Conditions, understand their contents, do not have objections to them and accept them. At the same time, the Terms & Conditions constitute a contractual agreement between you and Restu s.r.o., ID No.: 289 93 063, registered office: Prague 5, Stodůlky, Jeremiášova 1249/7, 155 00, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 158483 ("Restu").

Restu's reservation services give registered members ("members") and unregistered users ("users") the opportunity to easily and quickly make reservations in restaurants listed on ("restaurants"). After making a reservation, a member can receive credits under certain conditions and possibly obtain other benefits.


Registration on's reservation services can be used without registration but only members get the advantages set out below in these Terms & Conditions (mainly receiving credits for used reservations, which can be exchanged in the Restu e-shop for vouchers redeemable in some restaurants). Restu recommends registering on

You can register on by entering an e-mail address and password. The creation of the account is finalized by clicking the "Activate account" button in the confirmation e-mail.

Registration is free of charge. Only one registration per person is allowed on and only with a valid e-mail address and telephone number, which may be used only once during the registration. Restu reserves the right to refuse to register multiple people using the same phone number or e-mail address for registration independently of each other.

The contractual relationship based on which Restu's services are used in accordance with the Terms & Conditions lasts for the duration of your registration on, or, if you are not a member, for as long as you are using the Restu reservation services. For more details about personal data protection and to confirm the terms under which personal data are processed, see our Privacy Policy here.

Termination of registration

You may cancel your registration at any time without giving a reason by sending an e-mail to Restu may at any time without further notice cancel the registration of any member if Restu has reason to believe that the member is violating these Terms & Conditions. Restu reserves the right to terminate the registration of any member of and prevent them from making reservations and receiving the benefits associated with them if the member repeatedly makes reservations without visiting the restaurants in question. It is not considered a violation of these Terms & Conditions if a member duly cancels a reservation through prior to the time of the reservation.

Restu also reserves the right to terminate a registration if a member tries to unduly obtain credits or other benefits, is registered under an invalid e-mail address and/or invalid phone number, or has been inactive or has not made a reservation for more than 12 months. Any credits or benefits associated with a cancelled Restu account to which a member would be entitled as a registered member will not be compensated in any manner.

After the member terminates the registration, Restu shall retain the right to use the content uploaded by the member. Further details are stipulated in the Privacy Policy here.

Granting of consent to the Terms & Conditions

By using the website in any manner and/or by using the reservation services, in particular by making a reservation or by registering, you accept these Terms & Conditions.

Rules for using reservation services

Making a reservation

Reservation services are available for both members and unregistered users.

The reservation procedure is as follows:

  • Step 1: The member or the unregistered user chooses from the offer of restaurants on by clicking on the given restaurant and its reservation form. In certain cases, the reservation form also can be accessed from the restaurant's website.
  • Step 2: The member or the unregistered user enters the number of persons and the date and time of the reservation. If a benefit is offered for the reservation, the member selects one of the benefits on the reservation form or makes a reservation without selecting a benefit.
  • Step 3: The member or the unregistered user then confirms the reservation.
  • Step 4: Restu will subsequently confirm the reservation by sending an e-mail to the member's registered e-mail address or to the e-mail address specified by an unregistered user in the reservation. It is not necessary to print and present to the restaurant a confirmed reservation to use the benefits, if applicable.

The member may make a reservation by phone at the number provided on In this case Restu will fill in the reservation form for the member. If a member or unregistered user enters an invalid phone number or e-mail address, Restu reserves the right not to make the reservation.

Note: A prior electronic reservation, i.e. filling in a reservation form on, is always a condition for obtaining points or other benefits from selected restaurants that provide them to members. unless specified otherwise on, you are not entitled to credits or other benefits if you make a reservation over the phone.

Restu makes every effort to confirm the reservations during Restu's working hours within 10 minutes of receiving a reservation request. Any requests sent after working hours will be confirmed the next day without delay.

If a restaurant uses the Restu electronic reservation book and there is enough free space at the required time in that restaurant, the reservation will be confirmed already upon completion of the reservation in the reservation form. Otherwise, it may take more than 10 minutes to confirm the reservation depending on the restaurant's speed of response.

Restu is open every day, including holidays and weekends, with the current working hours being published on One hour before the start of the reservation, Restu sends members or unregistered users an e-mail reminder of the upcoming reservation. An hour after the reservation time Restu will send a request to rate the visited restaurant.

Validity and cancellation of reservations

When selecting the date and time of the reservation it is necessary to respect the opening hours and any additional terms of the selected restaurant. A benefit (but not credits) can be drawn only on the date and time indicated and confirmed as the reservation date when filling in the reservation form.

The reservation is transferable, i.e. the reservation and potential benefits associated with it (but not credits) can also be used by any person other than the member or unregistered user. The reservation and potential benefits associated with it can be used only once.

A reservation may be cancelled only via or via a Restu phone number specified in the Contact section, not later than at the time for which the reservation is made. Violation of these cancellation rules is grounds for deduction of credits and repeated violation may lead to cancellation of a membership account.

Benefits for use of reservation services


Each member (i.e. not unregistered user) obtains credits on their membership account ("credits") under the conditions specified on

note: Only reservations in some restaurants are awarded credits. specifies whether a member will or will not be awarded credits for a reservation in a restaurant.

As a penalty for an unused reservation that has not been cancelled in time the member account will be deducted 50 credits + the number of credits that would have been earned for that reservation. This does not affect Restu's right to cancel a membership account in the case of repeated non-use of a made reservation without timely and proper cancellation.

Details on obtaining, deducting and using the credits are available in the Credit Rules.

Credit can be obtained only pursuant to these Terms & Conditions published on or other conditions published on Restu may unilaterally change these conditions at any time. A member is not entitled to credits or other benefits if they circumvent or clearly abuse the conditions for obtaining credits or other benefits published in these Terms & Conditions or on

After reaching a certain amount of credits, the credits can be exchanged for some of the benefits currently offered on (in particular for a partial payment of vouchers as advertised in the e-shop). Credits may not be reimbursed in cash.

If the reservation is made via a restaurant's webpage (not directly through, the member will not be entitled to receive the credits.

Credits can be exchanged for vouchers as described below, no later than 90 days from the date on which the credits were awarded to the member. The validity of credits can be extended by making a reservation.


Members can also use benefits offered by some restaurants consisting in special menus, tasting offers, discounts, bonuses or other special offers. The particular benefit is always mentioned on in the restaurant's profile and is conditional on the sending of a request for a reservation via and subsequent confirmation by the restaurant. The drawing of benefits also depends on the current situation in the restaurant.

Note: Not all restaurants offer benefits associated with A reservation. information ON whether and what benefits are offered by what restaurants IS specified in the "events" section In THE profile of each restaurant on

The benefits associated with each reservation may not be added and combined, i.e. one person can use only one benefit during one visit to a restaurant, while limits on the maximum number of guests who may use the benefit associated with the reservation of one member are specified on the particular reservation form. Unless stated otherwise on the reservation form, the benefit associated with a member's reservation may be used by an unlimited number of guests. The given restaurant decides whether to allow a benefit to be combined with another discount or bonus. Benefits may not be available in connection with loyalty cards or special offers of restaurants (such as daily lunch menu, brunch, etc.) and may not be available on certain days, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Any such restrictions are fully at the discretion of the restaurant.

Each restaurant has the right to limit benefits due to full capacity or the closure of its premises for a private event. The restaurant is also authorized to change the menu offer or the menu itself.


In some restaurants you can use vouchers. Vouchers can be obtained by purchasing them via the Restu e-shop, purchasing them for a reduced price, exchanging them for credits in case of the Restu vouchers, or obtaining them free of charge as part of Restu promotional activities. The conditions for voucher redemption are stipulated in these Terms & Conditions and on the vouchers. Only one voucher can be redeemed with each transaction.

Purchase of a voucher

Vouchers can be ordered via without registration or previous login. The buyer will choose the type of voucher from the offer and is then redirected to the order where they can choose the amount and/or add other types of vouchers. After choosing the amount the buyer completes the form and pays the order by money transfer (72887288/0300) or payment card. Part of the voucher value can be paid by means of Restu credits. On receipt of payment we send a PDF document with the voucher details to the buyer's listed e-mail address. An unlimited number of vouchers can be purchased within one e-shop visit. The value of the voucher will be deducted from the amount spent by a member in a restaurant. Only one voucher can be redeemed with each transaction.

Exchange of credits for a Restu voucher

Restu vouchers can be purchased using credits collected on up to the maximum value of 25% of the value of the order. The resulting amount for the payment of the order of voucher(s) is equal to the sum of the nominal value of the voucher(s) in the order reduced by the corresponding number of redeemed credits at a ratio of 1 credit = CZK 1. Only active credits (those present in the member's account at the time of the transaction) can be used to pay the voucher order.

Use of vouchers

A voucher is valid for the period specified on it. The expiration of a voucher does not trigger any right to a refund of a paid amount or exchanged credits. It is not possible to demand payment of the remaining value of a voucher in cash. If the value of a voucher is higher than the amount spent in the restaurant, the amount by which the voucher exceeds the amount spent expires.

Vouchers can be used only in restaurants that accept THEM. not all restaurants accept vouchers.

An up-to-date list of restaurants that accept vouchers is available at Whether a restaurant accepts the vouchers is also shown in the reservation form for the given restaurant. If a restaurant accepts vouchers, the "Redeem Voucher" option appears. If a restaurant does not accept vouchers, "This restaurant does not accept vouchers" will appear in the form.

A voucher with a valid code has to be printed out and presented to the restaurant. Each voucher has a unique code which can be used only once.

A voucher can be redeemed when making a reservation for the given restaurant by filling the unique code of the gift voucher into the reservation form. After the validity of the voucher is verified, a member or a user can finalize the reservation. will then confirm the reservation by sending them a message. If a member makes a reservation with a voucher and does not use the reservation without cancelling it duly and on time, the voucher expires.

The voucher also can be redeemed without a previous electronic reservation. In this case, the restaurant is obliged to verify the validity of the voucher. A restaurant can refuse to accept the voucher in case of reasonable doubt about its validity.

After redeeming the voucher, Restu can send a request for a rating of the restaurant in which the voucher was used within 24 hours of the date stated on the voucher.


Restaurants accept reservations made via or via the website of a restaurant or Restu partner that uses Restu reservation tools. Some restaurants are contractually bound to provide benefits to members who have made a valid reservation. Restaurants are entitled to terminate the contractual relationship with Restu at any time or to change their offer of benefits. Restu is not obliged to notify members about any such changes.

Rating of restaurants

Each member or user can rate their visit to a restaurant no later than 30 days from the date of the visit. The total average rating of a restaurant on will always be calculated currently based on a mathematical algorithm that takes into account the age of the review.

A member or a user has no right to be rewarded for the publication of their reviews. However, Restu can award members for restaurant reviews by adding credits to their account. There is no legal claim to such rewards. By publishing the review, a member or a user grants Restu consent, unlimited in time, to use the review in the form in which it was published on and to grant access to other members or users with the possibility of its further dissemination and sharing on the internet or other online platforms or in offline media, irrespective of whether the review is or is not a copyright work. Restu is entitled to provide an exclusive and non-exclusive right to any third parties to use the reviews in the stipulated extent.

A member can choose a nickname when entering a rating. Restaurants are allowed to respond to the member's rating (and Restu can publish the response on, in which case the member or user is notified by e-mail. Restu reserves the right not to publish a rating or delete a rating if Restu suspects that the review is based on a fictional reservation or if it contains profanity or is clearly untrue or contrary to good morals.

Member or user reviews will be accessible online on, and possibly on other online platforms, even if the member or user who published the review stops using or cancels their registrations. This does not apply to personal data, which will be automatically deleted from the reviews after the registration is cancelled. The reviews will then remain online in an anonymous form.

Liability of restaurants

Restaurants provide reservation services and potential benefits associated with them at their own liability. Restu is not liable for the performance of individual restaurants. Any complaints concerning services must be claimed directly with the restaurant in question. Restu is not liable for any disputes and claims between a member or unregistered user and a restaurant. Restu reserves the right to change the scope of benefits or cancel benefits and the right to change the restaurants without contacting or notifying the members or unregistered users in advance or seeking their consent. Updated information is always available on

Personal data

The processing of personal data provided to Restu or a restaurant in which you made a reservation is governed by separate stipulations provided in the Privacy Policy available on or here.


Links to other websites

Restu is not responsible for the functionality and content of hyperlinks to websites of entities other than Restu on, or for the protection of data and information that are made available on other websites and sites that are not protected by security measures of Restu.


The #BEZPECNARESTAURACE sign has only an informative character and is used in good faith on the basis of a declaration made by a given restaurant.

By providing the #BEZPECNARESTAURACE sign on a restaurant's profile, does not warrant that the given facility complies with the Safe Restaurant Code, all binding legal regulations and ordinances issued by public authorities of the Czech Republic. is not liable for any health, property or other damages which might be caused by the user relying on or following information or data that they obtained on

The #BEZPECNARESTAURACE sign published on has been published based on information available at the time it was obtained. reserves the right to change or remove the #BEZPECNARESTAURACE sign for individual restaurants without contacting, notifying or seeking the consent of members or unregistered users.

Content of

Restu will strive to ensure that all information provided on is up-to-date and accurate. Nevertheless, it is possible that small errors or inaccuracies may occur, for which Restu apologizes in advance.

All documents and information contained on are the exclusive property of Restu and Restu reserves all rights to these documents and information. The name and logo of Restu are registered trademarks and using them for any other than purely informative purposes is prohibited without Restu’s explicit consent. Promotions of the services or products of Restu or its contractual partners, which can also be protected and for whose use Restu has corresponding authorisations, can also be displayed on

Materials and texts on may be altered, published or otherwise distributed only with the prior consent of Restu. Restu reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the site without prior notice at any time it deems appropriate. Any changes to these Terms & Conditions will take effect 7 days after their publication on Should a member not agree with the changes, they are entitled to cancel their registration.


Restu appreciates the views and feedback of members and unregistered users. Please send your opinions and suggestions about restaurants or Restu to Restu can ask you if it is possible to quote the provided contribution. If you agree, we will be happy to share your contribution with others on or other channels.

These Terms & Conditions are valid and effective from 9 January 2019.
Last update: 16 June 2020
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