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On 18 December the goverment of the Czech republic accepted emergency measures that, among other things, prohibit presence of the public in the catering services. The regulation is valid until further notice. In this period will not be possible to make reservations with Restu. Thank you for your understanding.

Everything you wanted to know about Restu credit

We are giving away credits to make you happy.

Credit to works as money. 1 credit = 1 CZK. If you have some credits, you'll see their status on your Restu profile.

Restu credits
  • With RESTU you will easily find the right business

    Book your table

    You earn credits for each reservation made through the website or in the application The more reservations, the more credits.

  • Be inspired and discover restaurants

    Share your experience

    We will reward you for each rating or text review.

  • Gift vouchers

    Buy a voucher

    Make yourself and your loved ones happy. You can use earned credits as a discount on gift vouchers.

Standard credits
Reservation creation in to the selected restaurants + 1
Create a Restu account - Sign up + 1
Inviting and registering of a friend to the Restu + 1
Friend's first reservation + 5
Extra Credit
Text rating (at least 160 characters) + 5
Invite a friend to make a reservation + 1
Fill in user profile (name, phone number and date of birth) + 1

Why to collect credits?

For earned credits you can purchase a gift voucher for yourself or your loved ones, which you can use at hundreds of restaurants and cafes across the country. The credits you can use in maximum of 25 % of the voucher value. So if you buy a voucher for CZK 300, you can pay CZK 75 in credits. If you buy for CZK 500, you can pay CZK 125 in credits. And so on...

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Your ability to earn credits with usjust keeps going on and on...

We are preparing for you a brand new loyalty program that will include a range of additional benefits and competitions. Coming soon…