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On 18.10. our Restu voucher shop will be shut down. More information here.

Guarantee of reservation processing

Get concerns about a full restaurant out of your mind! With us you will get your space prepared.

What is a reservation guarantee?

We cannot promise you a table in advance, but you can be sure that we will do everything that is within our power. Despite all efforts sometimes it can happen that a reservation will not be processed to 100% of your expectations. In that case please let us know and we will resolve any discrepancies with the restaurant and offer you compensation. This is our guarantee to you.

How does a guaranteed reservation work?

For a restaurant marked with a guaranteed reservation we will confirm your reservation by return via email or SMS to your given phone number.

  • Call us

    Need help? Please call us at +420 232 000 444.

  • Call us

    Everything else you can leave it with us - we resolve the problem with the restaurant for you.