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Tasting menus

Selection of the most exquisite dishes in small portions so that you can taste as much of them as possible. These are taster menus, enjoyed by true gourmet-lovers and those longing for an unusual dining experience. We have chosen the most interesting restaurants that offer multiple-course menus regularly. Choose from seasonal delicacies, traditional dishes and exotic recipes.

10 results

CZK 2 699 /menu for 2 person with bottle of champagne
Six-course tasting menu with bottle of champagne Taittinger

Experience a luxury you will never forget in the form of a six-course menu for 2 person made up of the best that the Planet Sushi restaurant offers along with a taste of the true Taittinger champagne.

Every dish was carefully selected and prepared with the precision of Japanese cuisine. 

A unique experience is served Monday to Saturday at Planet Sushi at Anděl.

Price: 2699 CZK / 2 persons
Without Champagne: 850 CZK / 1 person

Duration: approx.: 2,5 - 3 h

Reservation required.

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