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Selection of the most exquisite dishes in small portions so that you can taste as much of them as possible. These are taster menus, enjoyed by true gourmet-lovers and those longing for an unusual dining experience. We have chosen the most interesting restaurants that offer multiple-course menus regularly. Choose from seasonal delicacies, traditional dishes and exotic recipes.

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CZK 2 485
Degustační menu

Kalina cuisine & vins

Degustační menu

9. 1. 2018 - 31. 12. 2018 (18:00 - 20:30)

Pouze pro celý stůl / only for whole table / uniquement pour toute la table


Hamachi, avokádový krém, Yuzu granita, Tobiko wasabi kaviár

Amberjack, avocado cream, Yuzu granite, Tobiko wasabi caviar

Sériole, crème d'avocat, granité au Yuzu,Tobiko wasabi caviar

0,1L Sancerre blanc 2015, Lucien Crochet

Humr, artyčoky, Sorento citron

Lobster, artichokes,Sorento lemon

Homard, artichauts, citron Sorento

0,1L Riesling Trocken 2016, Hexamer

Telecí brzlík, kaštany, černý lanýž, žloutková kroketa, bramborové noky

Veal sweetbread, chestnuts, black truffle, egg yolk croquette, potato gnocchi

Ris de veau, châtaignes, truffe noire, croquette d’œuf, gnocchis de pommes de terre

0,1L Cuvée Pereleh 2015, vinařství Tanzberg

Ryba dle denní nabídky

Fish of the day

Poisson du Jour

0,1L Sancerre Rosé 2016, Lucien Crochet

nebo / or / ou

Rumpsteak US, černá kapusta, marinované žampiony, petrželové pyré

Rumpsteak US, dark kale, marinated champignons, parsley root puree

Rumpsteak US, chou noir, champignons marinés, purée de persil tubéreux

0,1L Château Malmaison, Moulis en Médoc

Koule z hořké čokolády, pomerančová pěna, Grand Marnier flambé

Bitter chocolate ball, orange mousse, Grand marnier flambé

Boule au chocolat noir, mousse à l´orange, Grand Marnier flambé

0,05L Moscato d´Asti, Marchesi di Gresy

Menu 5 chodů / Menu 5 courses: 1790,-

Vinné párování / Wine pairing 895,-

CZK 1 690
5-Course Degustation Menu with Recommended Wines
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Teriyaki Tuna with Radish Salad, Fava Beans Purée and Red Beet Gel Riesling QbA trocken Dr.Bürklin-Wolf, Germany (0,14 l)






Roasted Halibut with Purple Potatoes, Wasabi and Vegetable Sauté
Chardonnay sur-lie, Piálek & Jäger, Czech Rep. (0,14 l)


Siddharta Chocolate Dessert with Fruit, Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Forest Berries Sauce
Dow’s Old Tawny 10 Years Port (0,08 l)

CZK 1 990
Degustation dinner Endrizzi & Berta

We prepare for you next unique evening - with winery Endrizzi and distillery Berta. Taste not just great wines and grappas, but meet also the people, who are the part of this excellent product. 



Scampi, cranberry gel, daikon radish, sepia chips, shellfish air

2017 Cuvée Dalis Bianco, Endrizzi, Trento


Buttered onion risotto, mackerel, onion ash, bergamot purée

2015 Masseto Bianco, Endrizzi, Trento


Saddle of suckling lamb, pepper bell stuffed with smoked aubergine, olive tapenade, anchovy mayo

2013 Gran Masseto, Endrizzi, Trento

2010 "Meria" Maremma Rosso, Toscana


Chocolate terrine, amarena sauce, caramelized figs

Créme Caffé Dinero, Berta


Amaretti BERTA

Premium Berta degustation (Valdavi, Nibio, Bric del Gaian 2007)

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