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Information Restaurant CottoCrudo

Traditional Italian specialities in a modern setting, a relaxed atmosphere in a stylish and exclusive environment just a few steps from the Charles Bridge – that is CottoCrudo.

CottoCrudo is a lively Italian restaurant headed by the renowned chef Leonardo Di Clemente. 

The CottoCrudo menu offers classics of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The basis of all the meals is high-quality  ingredients including fresh seafood, homemade pasta and select cuts of meat. They import traditional products from Piedmont and Tuscany. The restaurant boasts an extensive wine list with more than 360 to choose from.

For those who like it cold there is the Crudo bar. The team of chefs will prepare fresh fish and seafood right before your eyes. You will relish their selection of mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and other Italian specialities. CottoCrudo creates an exclusive environment being both casual and elegant. Look forward to a modern stylish design concept and a relaxed atmosphere.

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