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Caffrey's Irish Pub

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Rating Caffrey's Irish Pub

  • Overall:
  • Food: 5
  • Service: 5
  • Ambience: 5

Rezervace potvrzana, rezervovane misto oznaceno, male nedorozumeni jen s vetou "Obed jen do 14 hodin" pod prvnim z menu (kvuli nutnosti marinovani krevet v druhem menu coby predkrmu), ale mila obsluha ochotne zaridila opacne poradi (krasny skirt steak, krevety, zakusek). Prostredi prijemne, komunikujici obsluha, vse melo pridanou hodnotu (i cola nebyla jen "cola", ale ve sklenici s ledem byla i limetka), autenticka atmosfera a hoste.... Jidlo a jeho hodnota vynikajici!

  • Overall:
  • Food: 1
  • Service: 2
  • Ambience: 2

Using Alakarte was easy and simple. Caffrey's Irish Bar however, is one to avoid. If I hadn't booked a two for one offer, I would have been very upset at having to pay for both meals. I ordered a steak and was very very disappointed. It was simply a piece of poorly cooked meat with a few onions. Anything else is an expensive extra. A bowl of warm chips was nearly £3.50My friend ordered a turkey dinner. Again poor quality meat served with frozen vegetables. We knew that prices would be more expensive as the bar is right on the square but the quality was appaling. Prague is a beautiful city with some fantastic Czech bars to have a drink, eat a good meal and not be totally ripped off. Use Alakarte but please stay out of Caffrey's.

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