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Restaurants in Czechia are closed until further notice. Nevertheless, we stick to our guns and fight along those who did not give up. Restu features the largest catalogue of restaurants who remain open for take-aways and home deliveries. We are constantly updating the list - please send your tips to

Pastry Shop Zámek Buchlovice

Castles weren’t all about fighting. On the contrary, they aspired to beauty, comfort and a love of gastronomy. You are going to feel like being in a fairy tale not just when visiting the castles but also while walking in the nearby town where you will find many magic culinary places. We will serve you a list of great places close to popular Czech castles. Here you will find first class restaurants guaranteed to interest both adults and children alike. Buchlovice is one of the castles to explore. Restaurants and other beautiful places are waiting for you.

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