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Information Restaurant Aromi

Aromi is a pleasant Italian restaurant with fantastic cuisine, impressive interior and a motto: Simplicity, Tradition and Passion. It’s quality is confirmed by a raft of prestigious awards headed by BIB Gourmand from Michelin, known as "great food at a great price".

At Aromi you’ll savour some of the best examples of Italian cuisine in Prague. The emphasis is on using original, quality and fresh Italian ingredients. Their fresh fish and seafood dishes are very popular.

The traditional Italian interior style is both comfortable and elegant. A design detail is the eight metre cubist bar designed by young architects from Studio Mitte.

The owner and chef of the restaurant is the nationally well known Riccardo Lucque. He came to Prague in 2002 and today in the Czech Republic has earned a reputation for being a great gastronomic magician. He has collected a number of major awards working at famous enterprises in London and New York and even Gwyneth Paltrow fell in love with his art. Besides Aromi, Riccardo Lucque is also operating the successful La Finestra and Il Mercato restaurants.

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